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You can take a bus , a taxi, or organize private transport. It just depends on your budget and travel style. There’s everything from 5-star resorts to cheap hostels. We followed your instructions today and all went perfect! Indeed 900MXN fixed, but we found it worth it. Santos and Felipe were two guys that helped us out there and their english was ok. The boatride and canal floats are magnificent.

We brought our masks and it was neat to see the aquatic life such as fish and crabs in the mangroves. Hi John and Heather, What a great contribution to the DIY travel community.

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Right now am in Punta Allen and want to share some extra tips on how to get there without a tour from Tulum. Thanks so much for commenting with your up-to-date experience. What you describe is how it’s always been, so am appeased to hear you had no problems catching a boat, as others have reported recently. Even during one of the most touristy times of year, we were floating largely by ourselves. It gave us the confidence to go and do this trip without a tour, which we found excellent. Covid has reduced boat capacity to 50% so 3 people. Same group can be bigger so our family of 4 was all on one boat.

A boat journey in Central America will take you places you wouldn’t otherwise reach

We agree that the boat trip is amazing and well worth the cost. I am a bit hesitant to give out a name as the booking was more of a favor then anything else. That was why we paid for using the premises because otherwise this individual did all the work of getting us connected with an operator for free. I will tell you there aren’t many lodgings in Punta Allen so with a little research you can figure out who may be able to connect you with an operator. If you plan on sleeping there then they’ll easily take care of it for you.

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During the high season, the group sizes are around 20 people, and it is not uncommon to be about 100 in the camp. Groups depart at regular intervals so that hikers do not concentrate in the same places. The Lost City is no longer a secret, and many travelers add it to their itinerary in Colombia.

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It will hopefully help others to avoid potential disappointment with these recently changed conditions. To finish, the period of October is very cool, you can come in the morning and find available boats. But captain and guide told us that during holidays it’s mainly impossible, too many people and they can’t do more than 2 boat tour / boat / day . Highest period is July – August and mainly December, January. This fixed price of the boat ride (~53 USD per person) is high by Mexico standards.