Definition of a Minibus & Minibus Driving License Requirements




The family cars of today are becoming bigger. MPV’s, as well as People Carriers can have 7 or 8 seats. What happens when your family car qualify as minibus? This is a crucial distinction since it can result in the effect of insurance, and your driver’s license might not be valid. more info


A minibus is a vehicle with between 9 and 16 passengers seats. If there are more than 16 seats, the vehicle can be classified as an automobile.


If your vehicle is classified as minibus, do have a valid driver’s license? If you’re over 21, and your license was issued prior to 1 January 1997, and the minibus isn’t employed for hire or as a reward so it is yes. Licenses issued after that date must be the category D1 classification. This is obtained by applying with the DVLA and passing the Passenger carrying Vehicle (PCV) examination.


There are exceptions to this rule that permit the use of an auto-minibus with the full Category B (car) license, however the following requirements must be fulfilled:


  1. Minibuses are utilized to transport people around the city, but not for hire or reward.


  1. You must be at least 21 years old and have had your Category B driver’s license for more than two years.If you’re older than 70 then you must be in good health to drive a D1 automobile.


  1. The minibus will not accept payment to drive the minibus.


  1. Minibuses cannot be heavier than 3.5 tonnes or 4.25 tonnes with the use of special equipment to carry disabled passengers.


  1. Towing trailers in any capacity is prohibited.


  1. The minibus is only driven within the UK.Driving within Europe requires D1-license.


There are additional regulations that are applicable to minibus drivers in addition to having a valid driver’s license. The Directgov website contains more information about the requirements.


If your car is classified as a minibus, your insurance policy for cars might not provide the right coverage types of driving licences. A minibus insurance expert like can give you advice regarding this.


This article is meant to serve as an informational guide. It is suggested to seek out your own expert advice when you plan to operate a minibus, or are unsure regarding any of these matters.