Choosing Cologne For Men

A distinctive, signature scent is something all men should possess. It’s not something that overwhelms or stays in the air long after the man has left however, it is something that will make the people (especially females) feel “he smells nice!” When you enter the room for an embrace or engage in an intimate conversation best summer colognes for men.

When you are choosing a scent for your cologne it’s difficult to figure out what to choose, as there are many scents available there. If you’re purchasing the cologne for a gift the best place to start is to think about the interests, hobbies, as well as interests of the person you’re buying it for. Cologne and scents are excellent gifts for men however, it is best to start with an initial personal profile.

As an example, does he consider himself an academic? You can discern this from his love for whiskey and scotch, as well as his love for books bound in leather, and his adventurous nature when it is time to try new foods and international food. The man who is an academic usually prefers rainy days over hot and sunny days and winter over summer. The man may also smoke pipes. If this is the type of man you’re searching for, the perfect fragrance for him would be an aroma that is spicy and woodsy. Choose a scent that includes notes such as clove, spice, moss and patchouli. One of the scents that Esquire magazine suggests is Italian Cyprus by Tom Ford. Its spicy aroma is great for the man who is a scholar as well as perfect for winter thanks to its warm woodsy scent.

What do you think of the guy who likes being outdoors and at the beach during the summer time, with nothing more than a pair swimming shoes? The man who is like this will prefer an airy, fresh scent, rather than one that is woodsy and spicy. Choose a marine-inspired cologne such as Hugo Element and Acqua Di Gio, both by Giorgio Armani. The freshness and freshness of these fragrances will match the adventurous spirit of the man. It is also possible to enjoy Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne that is a fragrance that is unisex and is a bit tropical-y as well as Play by Givenchy, which is very refreshing and has an energetic and fun type of feeling.

There are plenty of excellent scents for men who’s romantic. You’ve met him. He’s the one who is to knees in a soft way over adorable babies, gives you flowers without any reason and then pretends to be annoyed whenever you wear The Notebook again, but then settles down to watch the entire film together with you. If you’re a guy like this, select an odor that is just a bit sweet, but not too strong. You should look for scents that contain scents of vanilla, citrus or herbs like Thyme, or flowers such as lily or the iris. A great pair for a romantic man is Burberrry Summer which has a slight musky.

If you’re unsure about which type of scent is best for the man in your life, a general guideline is men prefer a woody, male-oriented scent that is aromatic and masculine. If you are able to smell a scent that is not just enjoyable for you but brings back pleasant, comforting memories then this is the scent you need to purchase. A good stand-by that is pleasant for every man include Guilty from Gucci as well as Dreamer Versace. Versace.

Although some scents are costly however, they’re worth the cost. The colognes you buy at the drugstore are made of alcohol so they do not just fade quickly, but don’t smell like they do on the skin like they do in bottles. Colognes that are of good quality, however will smell better when applied to the skin the bottle since they warm up to the body’s natural temperature and are long-lasting.