Best Weight Gainer

Before we start analyzing which one is the best weight gainer, we have to describe why people who are working out and seek to gain mass need a weight gainer.

The main reason you are going to the gym almost Labrada mass gainer every day, train hard and try to follow a specific nutrition plan is to gain muscle. And by saying muscle we mean pure muscle. The problem is that this is almost impossible. No matter how discipline you are with your daily nutrition schedule, there is always going to be some extra fat added along with muscle tissue. A simple solution to avoid this is doing more cardio in order to keep the pure muscle for which you have been working hard for. That’s fine. Cardio is always welcome and as I described in a previous article it is necessary to support your muscle development.

Others that are more desperate in gaining mass decide to increase their calorie intake by consuming all kinds of junk food believing that they can get rid of the fat later by increasing their cardio exercise or correcting their diet. You cannot imagine how bad this can be for your body whenever you force it through this process.

The best option is to support your efforts to gain mass with a quality weight gainer. And when we say weight gainer, we mean pure muscle mass gainer. There is a great supplement in the market which will definitely help you towards that direction without adding unnecessary fat. In the same time, you must focus in your nutrition schedule as if you were trying to define your muscles.

So, what is the best weight gainer? If I needed one right now I would have no second thoughts. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is the top. Optimum nutrition is a supplement brand which has established itself the last years as the top in bodybuilding supplement market with a variety of different products for different purposes. Its weight gainer has proven to be an excellent nutrition supplement which will assist you optimally to gain the desired muscle mass.